Hai Ng

Co-founding Partner
Spawn Point North America Inc

With over a decade of experience in iGaming and even more with computer video gaming, Ng Hai co-founded Spawn Point with a goal of providing esports insights to the highly regulated casino and integrated resort industry. As the architect behind several trailblazing esports events held within the challenging walls of integrated resorts, Hai’s events have set records and provided a glimpse into how esports can be integrated into a property’s overall experience.

Hai speaks at many conferences introducing audiences to the burgeoning world of esports and its tremendous growth potential. Hai’s focus is to improve understanding and catalyze business opportunities between the esports and gaming industries globally. He collaborates with the Nevada Esports Alliance, UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, and Esports Integrity Coalition on emerging esports issues. Hai also works with governments and regulatory bodies on how esports play a significant role in developing new economic development opportunities.

He is section editor of iGaming Business North America’s Fantasy and Esports Section. He is also a co-founder and owner of Chaos Theory, Singapore’s first professional esports team.