Harmen Brenninkmeijer

Managing Partner
Dynamic Partners

Harmen has a long-standing track record in regulated gaming sectors across emerging markets. He and his partners develop gaming related companies under the Global Chain Group. Companies which are involved in Game development (Dtech), Game aggregation (GameVault), Sportsbetting (Digitote), Advisory Services (Dynamic Partners) and representations (Like Global Chain). The Global Chain Group is about networked trade and commerce of products across the I-Gaming and land based sector. It’s to bring technological development and distribution together to come up with customized solutions to the many challenges and opportunities the gaming industry faces.
Harmen has worked in over 65 countries actively supplying gaming equipment, advising and developing the gaming business. Harmen was founder and CEO of Octavian Global Technologies. While also developing several casinos operations around the world. Before founding Octavian, Harmen partnered up to establish Avalon Casino Management, setting up the Playboy Casino in Rhodes amongst others. He started supplying systems products to the Industry in 1991 representing Mikohn and other companies.