ArtBiz Forum

TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2019





Opening Reception and Remarks


How Art and Architecture Accomplish Each Other

Architecture and art draw inspiration from each other in order to improve aesthetic standards. A structure not only bears the function of a city landmark but can also be regarded as a masterpiece to convey the character of the architect. For integrated resorts, distinctive architecture exemplifies unique brand identity.



Remodeling Art with Technology

The integration of technological elements into artistic creation has undoubtedly expanded the innovative dimension of artworks. It greatly enhances the interactivity and amplifies the experience for viewers. In the new digital age, technology will lead art to a broader future.

Ms. Cristina Kuok, Vice President of Arts & Culture of MGM China Holdings Limited


Art Appreciation Inside Integrated Resorts

Can we have multi-dimensional art appreciation experience inside integrated resorts? Will this unique approach to visitor experience become the future norm of integrated resorts? Views from integrated resorts and art consultancies will be shared within the panel discussion.

Moderated by Ms. WANG Yidi, Artnet


·         Mr. Henry Chan, Art & Cultural Manager of SJM Cotai

·         Ms. Anne Li, General Manager of Beautiful Asset (Beijing) Art Industry Inc.

·         Ms. Tiffany Xu, China Representative of Lehmann Maupin Gallery






How Art Drives Tourism Growth
Large-scale art events, such as light festival, biennale, art fairs and public art exhibitions attract visitors around the globe and subsequently increase tourism. Macao has the plan of developing Art as one of the attractions in Macao. As the key Government Bureau for executing the plan, MGTO will share the vision of how Macau will become a city with strong art identity.

Ms. Helena Fernandes, Director of Macao Government Tourism Office


Popularity of Public Art and How It Makes Destinations Colorful
The importance of art is not only reflected inside commercial spaces. Public art also plays a significant role in assisting cities to elevate their profile and stimulate tourism growth. Based around major public art cases in Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China, this theme aims to explore the wide-ranging impact of public art in the development of many travel destinations in Asia.

Moderated by Mr. Ricardo Pinto, Macao Closer

·         Mr. Carlos Marreiros, Chairman of MAA, President of the Fellow Members Council of The Architects Association of Macau

·         Mr. Andrew Mead John, Chief Architect of MTR Corporation Ltd.



The Combination of Commercial Space with Art Elements
The integration of art elements into commercial spaces, in forms of shopping malls, club houses, restaurants and the like, provide an innovative approach to property development. This panel will provide different perspectives from management platforms to unveil the inner workings of art projects in commercial spaces.

Moderated by Ms. WANG Yidi, artnet

·         Ms. Janice Wong, Chef and Founder of Janice Wong Singapore

·         Ms. Lucie Chang, Founder of Lucie Chang Fine Arts




Corporate Collection and Investment
Discussion will dive into the process of collecting from the perspective of an experienced corporate art advisor and the importance of alternative investment for established corporations.

Mr. Calvin Hui, Chairman of Ink Now and 3812 Gallery


Creative Development of Various Platforms of Art Industry
Playing significant roles in art industry, elites from art development platforms, art fairs and art education sectors will share about their unique duties from various positions and how they cooperate to make the industry more prosperous.

Moderated by Mr. Ricardo Pinto, Macao Closer

·         Ms. Mandy Pao, Director of Communications and Development, Chief Representative of Managing Director of Chiu Yeng Culture

·         K11 Art Foundation


Expanding Art Scene Along With Diverse Space
Art scene thrives on diversity by avid collectors and creative artists. Extraordinary art programs such as exhibitions, talks and screenings held inside restaurants and private clubs provide an alternative platform for art exhibiting.

Moderated by Ms. WANG Yidi, artnet

·         Mr. Konstantin Bessmertny, Artist

·         Mr. David Tung, Director of Lisson Gallery Shanghai



Closing Remarks