Zhi Yan


Zhi Yan has been worked in gambling and lottery field since 2000, owns relevant experience for 17 years. He worked in the Information Promotion Company of Chinese Sport Lottery Managing Center, the Operation and Cooperation Company of Beijing Sports Lottery Management Center. Mastered in the policies and regulations of Chinese gambling and lottery field, game designing, system programming, hardware and software of lottery equipment, marketing, etc.

In his 17 years career, he designed a number of lottery business model and put into practice, effectively pushed the high-speed development of lottery industry, and assisted the national lottery authorities to carry out some work in marketing research and policy making.
It is worth mentioning that he is commonly recognized as an expert on the front line of internet lottery applying field, one of the rule makers of internet lottery field. Now his team members are widely distributed in national sports and welfare lottery institutions, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, JDcom, 360, etc. They work as the manager or leader of the lottery department of those companies, or the founder of some professional lottery companies, so he has rich resources in lottery industry.
At present, Zhi Yan is mainly responsible for managing the < Hainan international tourism island of cultural and sports contest self-help amusement project>, designs and operates lottery games under the experimental policy of lottery in Hainan province. At the same time, he also assists the sports and welfare lottery management institutions to deeply study and explore the entertaining upgrade, innovation of marketing and new channel expansion of Instant tickets.