Day-yang Liu

台湾科技大学 教授

Dr. Day-Yang Liu has been a professor of Graduate Institute of Finance at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology for 25 years. He has served as a University Chief of Staff for one and half years (2003~2005) and Department Chairman (1987-2001) at both Business Department and Finance Department. He currently also serve as director for both Lottery and commercial gaming and innovation and Entrepreneurship research center. His major teaching courses include Strategic Management, CEO on Strategy, Managerial Economics, Principle of Economics, Public Finance, Business and Government, Advanced Macroeconomics. His research interests are corporate governance and executive compensation, Lottery and Commercial Gaming, government subsidies on R & D, performance evaluation on R & D project, defaults or foreclosure on residential mortgage loans, faculty reward system, government revenue sharing, industrial policy and analysis, small-medium enterprises management, altruism, and CGE model, etc,.

In general, His research interests are mainly empirical research over various interdisciplinary fields. His work has appeared in Journals such as Energy Sources: Plan B, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, International Journal of Product Management, Competitiveness Review, International Journal of Business, Journal of Property Finance, Journal of International Trade and Economics Development, System and Review, Asia-Pacific Review of Economics, Asia Culture and others etc., as well as four books.

Dr Liu has been very active in conducting various research projects, not only sponsored by the National Science Council, but also by other government agencies (such as Ministry of Finance, Sports Affairs Council, Matsu County Government, Penghu County Government, R & D Commission, Taipei City Government), NPO and many research Institutions. The size of annual budgets pretty much dominate the entire college of faculty at school for many years. In addition, he also has presented papers at the various International Conferences numerous times over the years, including the one at the 95th National Tax Association Annual Conference at Orlando, Florida on November 2002.

Besides regular teaching and research, he has completed in conducting more than
300 Master MBA, EMBA and MS Master Thesis, at NTUST and Other National
Universities as well as ten completed Ph. D dissertations. In particular, most of EMBA

master thesis is doing research on the business strategy by various industries. More than seven years ago, He had happened to attend the PCMPCL seminar from Harvard Business School as the first group of 70 senior faculties from greater China region with only 11 professors from Taiwan. Since then, He applied HBS case method in all EMBA and MBA class and He had taught strategic management course and finance courses all in English and in case method.

In addition, he had been serving several committees for various government agencies and institutions, non-profit organizations, universities and colleges, and others, namely, The Executive Yuan, the Taipei city government, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of R & D Commission, National Council for Physical Fitness and Sports, and other Numerous Non-profit organizations and think tanks as well. He had been served as the Board of Directors for the Bank of Taipei (2002). Now, he is an adviser to the Mayor of Taipei and Taoyuan County Magistrate in Public Finance. Over the years, Dr. Liu has also completed more than 70 research projects for government agencies and various industries.

In addition, he has been serving as the President of Tulane Alumni Association in Taiwan, with members more than 500 alumni for more than ten years and during the period 02/05/03~02/15/03, he had successfully led a delegation of the College of Management, NTUST with 22 faculty and graduate students to have an international exchange program with alma mater Tulane University A. B. Freeman School of Business sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Liu also has been regularly invited to attend various public hearings, roundtable discussions and other various occasions over different public policy issues by the mass media and various related agencies and institutions. All in all, he has made quite influential contributions over the years in the formation of government public policy. Furthermore, on 11/29/2008, he established a research center entitled “The Center for the Study of Lottery and Commercial Gaming” one and only research center of such a kind in Taiwan, to promote the legalization of commercial gaming industry, lottery and casino in particular. Now he is working with a handful of adjunct scholars very closely to help both national government and local government to make Matsu outer island become a destination integrated resort.