Cheng Yang


Mr. Chengyang, a senior engineer specialized in information system analysis, a famous lottery specialist and consultant in line of the lottery industry in China. He is a post graduate student who graduated from Wuhan University, majored in information project .Being a visiting scholar of Bay Networks in U.S.A., he has not only penetrated into the policy, rules ,marketing ,games as well as technology concerned with lottery
but also researched them with his extensive knowledge view which effected the China National lottery industry. He is interested in researching lottery events happened in the world, and more than 3000 analysis reports have been published in some famous magazines and newspapers in China.

Being an excellent manager of the lottery slots, Mr.Chengyang has designed a series of lottery games successfully in China since he entered into the lottery industry. To be an editor- in -chief of some magazines and newspapers in China , he is so popular that the China National Lottery Industry has been affected by his unique lottery theory in some way. He has played a key role in some aspects of lottery concerned about technology creation and marketing in China. As one of leaderships, he has participated in a series of the key events to decide the lottery’s rules, policy and planning in China, in which he devoted himself to do his best from the beginning until it has been brought into effect.