Roger Quiles

Founding Partner
Quiles Law Co-Founder
FTW Talent

Roger R. Quiles is the Founder of Quiles Law, a boutique law firm servicing the esports industry, and the Co-Founder of FTW Talent, an esports player and influencer talent agency. As one of the world’s first esports attorneys, Roger represents a global clientele of players, teams, content creators, investors, media companies and the many kinds of businesses that support the industry. Roger is one of the few attorneys experienced in representing both an esports and traditional sports clientele, having also represented professional and amateur athletes. Through FTW Talent, Roger assists esports players and influencers with all aspects of their careers, including securing team contracts and sponsorship opportunities to ascertain individual goals.
Given the nature of esports, Roger’s work is interdisciplinary, regularly counseling on business, entertainment, intellectual property, corporate, m & a, and igaming matters. As one of the world’s preeminent esports attorneys, Roger’s work has been featured in publications such as ESPN, Dot Esports, Law 360, and more.