Rocky ChanAdviser
E-commerce Association of Macau

    Rocky became the partner of Diamond Tech Ventures in 2017, focusing on the region of the Greater China Bay Area (Canton-Hong Kong-Macau regions) and Silicon Valley. Rocky leads investments on AI/Machine learning, chatbot, blockchain, etc. Prior to that, Rocky is the partner of Mind Fund, a VC fund based in Hong Kong but invest globally for 3 years. Rocky has built an extensive network of incubators, accelerators, VC funds, CVC and corporates. Recent successful exit includes the acquisition of Flipagram by China’s Toutiao. Fano Labs (which received the pre-A round funding from Mr. Li Ka-Shing’s Horizon Ventures in October 2017), Pingpad (which originated from the circle of Paypal Mafia) and Foxsy are some of the recent investments with very promising and quick exit potential.

    In 2014-2015, Rocky was the head of Baidu Family Office, reporting to Baidu CEO Robin Li and Melissa Ma on a daily basic. Rocky was credited with many high profiled successful investment deals with startups, VC, PE funds and hedge funds. Some of his other key responsibilities were private jet legal issues, top universities’ philanthropy work and negotiation with Baidu’s board of directors. Rocky is the board member of the Chinese Software Professional Association in Silicon Valley, the executive member of Beijing ECI Awards and the founding president of Macau AI and Blockchain Institute. Rocky has great working experience in Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. Rocky has a Master’s degrees and BBA from The University of Texas at Austin.