Lucie ChangFounder of Lucie Chang Fine Arts

    Lucie Chang was born in China. She is the second generation of a well-established family
    of Chinese antique art collector in Hong Kong. She grew up and studied in various places
    like China, Mauritius, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, resulting her language
    proficiency in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French and Mauritian. Her personal growth
    experiences show the diversity of international culture immersion.
    After the undergraduate education, Chang received her postgraduate master degree at
    The School of Oriental & African Studies, The University of London, majoring in Chinese
    Art history. Chang served at the Sotheby’s London after her Masters degree. She latter
    settled down in Hong Kong and was granted with scholarship to study her Doctoral degree
    at The Chinese University of Hong Kong to start the connection with the local
    contemporary art sector.
    She was the Art Curator of an important Private Art Collection in Hong Kong, also acting as
    the consultant of many collectors worldwide. She is been an long term member of Kau Chi
    Society of Chinese Art, an active member in the Hong Kong Antique & Art Galleries
    Association also participates in many events organised by Hong Kong gallery association.
    Chang established an antique company in 2011, helping private collectors collects
    antiques all around the world. She also provides advices to private museum on focusing
    on the management and expansion of collection. She was invited by the Royal Caribbean
    Cruises to co-organise the charity event DINNER WITH DEGAS in 2012.
    In 2014, Chang founded the Art Space, Lucie Chang Fine Arts. The art space focuses on
    ‘Contemporary Ink Painting’ and other contemporary art works carrying classic Chinese
    cultural implications from Hong Kong and China. The art space also tries to explore the
    boundary between Chinese culture and other foreign cultures. For example, co-curated
    with Mr. Lee Garakara, Chang organized the ‘Bridges’ exhibition, showcasing the artworks
    from three Zimbabwe emerging artists, to introduce the understanding and interest of
    African art to the Greater China. The gallery has been regularly collaborating with the
    Hong Kong Fringe Club hosting contemporary art exhibitions since 2013. The gallery also
    actively participates and promotes the masterpieces of the outstanding artists in many
    major art fairs in Hong Kong and Greater China region.
    Chang has undergone a new attempt in 2017, to take part in the International art
    exhibition ‘On Sharks and Humanity’. The exhibition was comprised of work from 36
    internationally recognised artists as well as emerging artists, marrying the worlds of visual
    art and humanitarian action. The exhibition venue was different from the traditional
    ‘white box’ space; instead, the venue included the Central Pier 8 in Hong Kong Island and
    the outdoor area of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. She was responsible to public
    relation promotion, contact to international artists, and the logistics and setting up of
    In 2018, she stepped into running the auction business. With the experiences of attending
    auctions around the world, she set up the new branch for Guangzhou Holly’s International
    Auction (largest auction house in Southern China) in Hong Kong and Taipei, expanding the
    international presence of the company.
    Chang’s growing and education background reveal the immersion of international cultures;
    while her career development and personal aspiration also indicate her passion to explore
    new culture and her resolution and ability in broadening new customer sources and
    market. Chang values hard work and integrity, she is adept in communicating with
    collectors from different countries. She has earned her solid reputation and international
    network of contacts throughout these years. She is a rare talent in expanding international
    market and increasing international image.