Anthony LawrenceManaging Director
Macau Inc.

    Anthony Lawrance is a media owner and marketing consultant based in Macau, where he has been working since leaving the South China Morning Post in 2005 after a 20-year career in journalism.
    Anthony co-founded Macau Inc., the city’s leading VIP-focused media group, in 2012. He had previously founded the Destination Macau magazine, which was sold in 2014 to the SCMP Group. He has recently co-founded a startup news and analysis service focused on the region around Macau,
    In addition to his media businesses, Anthony has become an acknowledged expert on Macau’s casino industry. He founded Intelligence Macau Market Research Ltd in 2009 in order to provide high-caliber research to companies seeking to enter, or understand, the Macau business landscape.
    Anthony is regularly invited to speak at conferences relating to the gaming industry, and also conducts consulting work for institutional investors on topics related to Macau and China.