G2E LeadGenScanner

Get Visitor's Digital Name Card by 'G2E Asia' APP!


Exhibitor can easily get digital name card from interested visitor by simply scan visitor's badge card by G2E Asia App. With the app, exhibitor can take quick notes based on your onsite communication for follow up.

參展商採購商只需要在展會現場拍下參觀者的胸卡條碼即可收藏對方的資訊。並可快速地做下筆記,記下與參展者現場交流的重要資訊,為您日後跟進商機提供方便的 工具。

1.Scan below QR code to download G2E Asia official App

掃描二維碼,下載官方App - G2E Asia

2.Click "Me" , and go to exhibitor login

點擊Me 功能表進入資料面板-展商登陸

3.Enter your account and password, select G2E 2017 show.
(About creating account, please contact our show customer service contact, or email to support@reed-digital.com)

輸入帳戶密碼登陸,選擇進入G2E 2017展
(關於開通帳號,請諮詢您的客服連絡人,或者email 至 support@reed-digital.com進行申請)

4.Then you are in the Lead Generator now!

Scan - activate your camera to scan

Sync - download scanned visitor data from server

Leads - view and edit name card box


Scan - 啟動手機攝像頭進行掃描

Sync - 從資料伺服器下載資料

Leads - 查看掃描到的觀眾名片

5.Okay, now it is time to activate your scanner to get the first name card! Kindly remind that you can take quick notes here!


6.Notice about data download

Because show admin needs time to manually input the data for onsite visitor, before all data is ready in system, data line will show as "To Be Defined" status. Whenever data update is completed, you can click "SYNC" button to update the pending data.

Show admin has set limit to every Lead Gen Scanner account. Data record exceed the limits are unable to download, which will be pending on "To Be Defined" status.


由於展會現場登記的觀眾,資料需要時間手工錄入系統後臺,在未完成錄入之前,資料條目會顯示成“待確定”狀態。資料更新以後,按“同步”刷新 即可獲取資料。



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